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Press Releases

Telepress is pleased to announce the promotion of a key member of its
leadership team.

As part of Telepress’ commitment to build and maintain a strong management team across its unique portfolio of businesses, the company today promoted its Chief Operating Officer to President.

October 18, 2012–Seattle, WA– Janie Bakke, a leader in the print industry for over 20 years, has been appointed President of Telepress, Inc. Bakke joined the Telepress management team a year ago as Director of Sales to intensely focus on customer value and service, launch cutting edge new product lines and increase sales. Bakke welcomes this new opportunity to further these important objectives in her new position. In this role, she will oversee technology enhancements, advance production capabilities, drive sales & marketing initiatives, and emphasize employee growth.

Telepress Ownership Comment on New Leadership

Michael Allen and Telly Hoimes of Harris Hoimes & Allen, LLC said, “Janie Bakke is one of the most talented, experienced and energetic executives in our industry. We are thrilled to have Janie lead Telepress as it engages in an exciting new chapter of its long and distinguished history.”

President Articulates Future Goals for Company and Employees

“My objective is to provide an excellent buying experience for our customers; to partner with them and assist in their success, which is indistinguishable from Telepress’ success.” said President, Janie Bakke, and “To create an environment where employees enjoy coming to work, work together as a team for the advancement of the ‘whole’, and see a clear path in the development of their careers.”

Telepress Partners with Mark Master, a diversity company based out of
Tampa, Florida.

August 1, 2012 – Seattle, WA  – Telepress and Mark Master have decided to partner with each other to offer their customers the best of the best. With growing product offerings, Telepress is able to partner with other vendors to produce high quality products.

Mark Master is the largest custom marking & identification company in the world. They currently have partners in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East; Telepress is pleased to be among them. Mark Master offers a variety of products such as tradeshow items, signage, stamps and name badges.

Telepress Account Manager describes the similarities between the two companies:

“We both utilize technology by building customized websites using the ‘shopping cart’ method for our customers ordering purposes, “ said Telepress Account Manager, Jeremy Bakke. “We are similar in the fact that we have a passion for growth and to not remain stagnant, no matter the state of the economy.”

Mark Master representatives visit Telepress
Fernando Romero, Business Development Executive & National Sales Manager and Aubrea Knox, the west coast representative, visited Telepress in late July. Romero and Knox toured the plant and met the entire team from the Kent, Washington facility. Both representatives said they enjoyed the visit and the enthusiasm everyone showed. They spent the day collaborating with the Telepress Sales team, understanding the company processes and observed the production methods in the shop. “I love how Telepress runs their plant,” Romero added.

Both companies are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with the common goal to produce more products for their customers.


From Passionately Protecting TO Passionately Promoting Your Corporate Identity.

July 23, 2012 – Seattle, WA – Over the last three months, we have gone through a lot of exciting changes, including a soft re-brand.

Telepress has been providing business cards, stationery products and marketing materials to Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years while protecting our customer’s corporate identity. Telepress will continue to protect our customers’ identity with a new focus to passionately promote our customers.

As commerce evolves with new business trends and technologies, Telepress is pleased to announce we too are moving “beyond the business card”  to provide our customers with a variety of print products as well as promotional items and media solutions for corporate marketing, while protecting your corporate brand globally.

We have expanded our product line to include everything from brochures, to occasion card programs, promotional items, fulfillment and digital marketing services. With these added products, we plan to open up opportunities to further promote our customers corporate identity.

Telepress …passionately “promoting” your corporate identity.

Telepress Transformation-business beyond the business card…

July 07, 2012 – Seattle, WA — We are moving toward a one stop shop, convenience driven world and Telepress is doing its part to provide that luxury to our customers. Companies need to focus on growing their business and trust their vendor to provide the best deal on high quality products. That is where Telepress comes in; we are pleased to announce the roll out of some exciting new products for our banking customers. We now offer name badges, name plates and signage options at competitive prices.

The name plates come in brushed silver with an option for a black desk display or a wall holder with a foam tape backer for easy mounting. Name Badges also come in brushed silver and we are pleased to say they can be customized with your company’s logo.

Telepress Customer Satisfaction with New Products

“Our customer has been very pleased with the quality of our name badges, plates and signage. Even better is the fact that they direct their employees to one site for all of their print, signage and personalized items,” said Telepress Account Manger, Jennifer Anderson. “The convenience and time saved is huge—plus we are able to leverage the expanded catalog offering to drive down their prices across the board!”

Seattle-based Sales Leader Returns to Print Industry to
Help Drive Growth at Telepress, Inc.

Janie Bakke Taps Her 20 Year Career to Lead Telepress Customer-facing Services and Support New Integrated Marketing Solutions and Personalized Products

December 6, 2011 – Seattle, WA –Janie Bakke, a seasoned print professional with over 20 years experience, returns to the industry to help lead the quality-driven team at Telepress, Inc. as Director of Sales. She comes to her new position following a two-year absence from the printing industry to manage distributorships and national accounts in the food industry.

Bakke brings extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development, including a stint as Regional Sales Manager for commercial printing giant, Cenveo. In her new role, she will be based in Seattle, WA, but will lead Telepress’s efforts on a national scale, starting immediately. Bakke will manage all customer-facing operations: customer service, account management, business development and marketing.

Telepress CEO Notes Key Role for New Sales Director
“Telepress is extremely pleased to have Janie join the team. She and I have worked together in different capacities and companies over the years, and I am thrilled and honored to have her on our Telepress team. Her skills and experience will help position us for assured growth in 2012 and beyond. Her directive is to bring innovation to our solid printing foundation by implementing creative service offerings and launching new product lines,” said Telepress President and CEO, Darren Loken.
“We will soon be announcing a broader range of integrated marketing solutions and personalized products to help customers promote their companies, and Janie is coming in to play a key role in bringing these products to market. With her help, we are also launching an improved service program for easier ordering with additional B-to-B and B-to-C marketing opportunities that will prove very valuable for our customers,” Loken added.

New Director of Sales Focused on Growing Services
“Although the print market is a very mature industry, in this economy companies have to be constantly reinventing and bringing additional services to clients. This is what we will do, while holding on to our core competencies,” said new Telepress Director of Sales, Janie Bakke. “We’ve been passionately protecting customers’ corporate identity, and now we will passionately promote their corporate identity. We’ll succeed because Telepress has such a solid print foundation, along with the drive and passion for innovation.”