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Holiday Cards

Be assured these images are not found in big box stock collections!

  • Choose from 22 beautiful cards.
  • Select multiple sets of images from the collection available in packs of 25.
  • Customize your greeting—on the front as well as on the inside.
  • Envelopes included in each set with custom options.
  • Custom option to include your corporate logo
  • For sets of 200 or more, the artist will donate trees in your company’s behalf through AmericanForests.org
  • See an image you like? We also offer custom prints and calendars.

The Lumière Series

Familiar icons with a modern twist.

Abstract photographs of ornaments, presents, and holiday lights sparkle and glisten, bringing a warm, more traditional feeling of the holiday season with a uniquely modern twist. Exquisite colors and light play off refl ective surfaces and create an ethereal quality to the images.

Stars & OrnamentsEnlarge
Red Present & BellsEnlarge
Red, Gold, & Green PresentsEnlarge

Tiny PackagesEnlarge
Blue Presents
Blue & Glitter Swirls

Glass SnowflakeEnlarge
White Ornaments
Abstract Holiday Lights

Winterscapes & Mountain Series

The Nature of Elegance

Robert Pennington’s winter excursions though Washington Idaho, Utah, Montana and Wyoming have often found him in heavy ice and snowstorms, able to capture everything from the smallest hoarfrost to large, hunkered down moose and bison. The clarity that comes after a storm creates a crispness to the colors found in ice crystals, ambient light, electric blue skies, and mountains. His work reflects his love of finding the way light plays off complex geometric patterns in nature.

Bison in Snowstorm, Gros Ventre, WYEnlarge
Mailboxes in SnowEnlarge

Blue Kingfisher, Jackson, WYEnlarge
Juniper BerriesEnlarge
Frost twigsEnlarge
Moose Cow in snowstorm, Gros Ventre, WYEnlarge
Bull Moose in Snowstorm, Gros Ventre, WYEnlarge
Evergreen IcicyleEnlarge
Hoarfrost on groundEnlarge
Hoarfrost on groundEnlarge
Mt. Rainier, WAEnlarge
Grand Tetons, WYEnlarge

Mt. Moran, Grand Teton Nat'l Park, WYEnlarge